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Taking useful advice and strive to do the best.
      Foshan Julong Group aims at leading the life by quality, making our dream of living come ture in good faith owing to the staff work actively together in perfect harmony, the group has gained fruitgul success.Now it becomes a comprehensive enterprise,specializing in large-scale real estate development, leasing property management and industrial investment.
      In these 10 years, the Julong Group has explored so many properties in Foshan erea; not only the size and puality of the properties, but also quality of product design and project management are continually improving.The continued development of an enterprises depends on great support and deep love from all sectors of society. Special thanks to house owners, your acclamation makes our business spring up all over the District of Foshan.Because of the high standard of real estate development and management set by the government, Lung Kui operates step by step and strictly control the quality of houses, and strengthen communication with the owners.According to the views and suggestions from property owners and the norms of real estate construction, we improve the quality of housing construction in order to do the best.
With a sense of social responsibility, the Lung Kui Group donated 6 million RMB to the disaster area in Sichuan Province.
      affected all the Chinese. People from all walks of life have contributed a lot and take part in the love action.Foshan Julong Group and the staff contribute nearly a million to Guangdong Provincial Charity Federation and the Nanhai, Shunde, Sanshui, and other charity organizations with quickly response.we subscribe for 5,500,000 yuan in "Guangzhou Daily famous painting disaster relief charity activities" on May 19,and hope to spread our support to the disaster areas thousands of miles away ontributions reflect that Lung Kui Group, as a outstanding enterprise, makes great effort to help people in the disaster areas and to tide over the crisis together with high social responsibility. The Julong Group was quite concerned about the reconstruction of the disaster area, praying for the victims and encouraging the alive to be braver and rebuild their homes!
We work with our hearts to construct houses which the ordinary people can afford.
      Adhering to the strategy of "perfecting the regional market and making the Julong Brand celebrated", our group always built affordable houses for ordinary people and explored excellent building of high price-performance ratio with regional advantages, which were well-received by the consumers.
      At the end of 2007, the impact of the property market as a whole can be turned upside down because of the new policy towards housing loans.Especially when the downtown area property prices falls, many real estate developers of major brands make price promotions and try to rein development costs.So far, the stability of sales price per month and sets that have been sold of Lung Kui's major properties once again proved the high price-performance ratio.Meanwhile, our group pay much attention to Landscape construction, well designing and investing millions of capital in each properties, such as cultivating Japanese Buddhist Pine, yew and other valuable trees, which on one hand shows that we are quite concerned about the Green in order to enhance the living environment, on the other hand reflects the power of us.

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