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Julong: Urban operations, the founders of the ideal living

Experience, let us grow
        Urban operator, creator of the ideal living Experience makes us thriving. With the joint efforts of our whole group in more than ten-years' time, the prosperous Foshan julong Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. has made fruitful achievements in all respects and developed itself into a comprehensive enterprise of large-scale real estate development, property leasing management and industrial investment.
        Julong Group march in the field of Foshan Real Estate, it has become the main force in the development of quality properties. Over the years the successful development of the Yanbu South China Garden, Fullview Garden, Eton Park, Royal Palace, King Palace Hui, Sui King House, King Fai Building, Sui Jing Villa; music to China from the music building, floor, Bauhinia, Bauhinia Nanyuan, Otto home, and so on, has been much sought by Foshan people. Lung Kui Group to improve the Habitat for the mission based in Foshan, affecting South Guangdong.From the first masterpiece in 1997 for the South China Garden, to the renowned King Hui Shan Villa, created a great success on development of 18 projects for sale, where develop a total area of more than 1,800,000 square meters
        From 10 thousands square meters of small properties to about 400,000 squares meters of regional signs large properties; from the different styles houses to the ultimate luxury villas; from Habitat quality residential to High-end commercial properties, from focused on the city to the province, Julong Group always insist on “Leading the quality of life” as major idea of development.
        Besides the Real estate development,Kui Lung Group is expanding business actively in professional market management,including the Kui Lung furniture centre in Lecong,Zhongda leather centre, Zhongda small commodities centre,Yanbu furniture centre and also the city mall which stands for Shaoguan's integrated commercial aircraft carrier.Kui Lung Group has made great contributions to business prosperity of guangdong.

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